The Things That Work

Some things we try really work well so I will share them on this page.

Compliance for a Compliment
The trade off, if I want my little girl to listen to me I ask her to look at me with her lovely blue eyes. Result = compliance! She loves getting praise at any cost.

The Praise Sandwich
If Girl is not doing as she is told sometimes it works if I wrap the instruction up in a bit of praise such as "well done for sitting nicely at the table, now eat your broccoli, gosh look at your lovely table manners!" It does have to be genuine praise.

Compliment Good Behaviour
Try to notice and compliment as much good behaviour as you can, my friend once even complimented her daughter's breathing when nothing else was obvious.

Stay Calm
This one is obvious, whatever is happening stay calm and show no emotion. This is the toughest and none of us can do this all the time (or I can't anyway) but it does work. The Poker Face post goes more in depth into this one.

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